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Since 1989 we have been involved in the housing market in Central Iowa.

Whether looking for an economical rental home, apartment, duplex or looking to buy or sell your home we can assist you. Check out the different areas of this site and feel free to contact us if we be of any help.

We value our relationships with the people we do business with and look forward to adding you to that list.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a right out the box new-bee we may be of some assistance to you. It has been our experience that relationships build good business. Something we are working on is using some technology and other things at our disposal to add to the networking of our relationship. Therefore we are trying to put together a investor network in the central iowa area. So each of us may benefit from others experiences and trials.

Some things we have thought of is email newsletters, updates, posting on this or other pages of little snips of what is going on.

Another thought is from time to time we or others run across a deal that just doesn't fit our criteria but may be great for some one else. This network may be a way of relaying those kind of things.

We are active real estate investors in the central Iowa area. We buy houses in any price range, in any condition, in any area. If you have a house to sell, tell us about it. No realtor fees. We handle all the hassles so you don't have to.

Time is often of the essence. We can act fast. Cash quick. Save your reputation? credit? Get all notice together and call or contact us today.

Have you gotten stuck being executor of an estate. We would be happy to buy the house. We can make this process as painless as possible. We can take the house and all contents if needed. We work with all family members necessary and lawyers to make this a pleasant experience.

Family out grown your current house
Relocation, marriage, Divorce, retirement. Call we can help with these transitions of life.

We Pay Cash For Leads!

We offer cash if you help us. Here is how you can earn cash:

  • We are constantly looking for the next house to refurbish in your neighborhood. Find us that vacant, rundown or unwanted house and we will pay you $500 cash!
  • We have remodeled homes ready for the next owner to enjoy. Send us that owner and we will pay you $500 cash!
  • We have quality rentals available for the next tenant to make home. Send us that tenant and we will pay you $100 cash!

All leads paid upon closing with the person you send to us and identify as such before transaction commenced. We will render final judgment on the validity of the lead.